CBC Test Price In Bangladesh | 2023

CBC Test stands for Complete Blood Count. In hospitals or private clinics, doctors sometimes suggest us CBS test. If you wondering what is CBC test is and what CBC Test Price is In Bangladesh, then you are in the right place.

CBC Test:

CBC Mean Complete Blood Count. When a patient feels weakness, inflammation, or fever, doctors may suggest a CBC test. It’s a normal lab test to figure out the blood condition of the body. In Bangladesh dr mostly suggest CBC tests when they suspect a patient has dengue fever.

CBC Test Price In Bangladesh

Complete Blood Count test price approximately 350TK to 400TK in Bangladesh, more or less. The cost depends on the place or diagnostic center you are using for the test. Bangladesh has a variety of medical diagnostic centers. Bellow is the CBC test price or blood test price in Bangladesh list according to Bangladeshi best diagnostic center and hospital.

CBC Test Price Labaid
CBC Test Price at Labaid Diagnostic Centre

Diagnostics Name


Thyrocare Bangladesh
400.00 BDT
Islami Bank Hospital and Foundation
400.00 BDT
Popular Diagnostic Centre Ltd (Cbc test price in Bangladesh popular)
400.00 BDT
Bangladesh Specialized Hospital Limited (BSHL)
400.00 BDT
Ibn Sina Trust and Diagnostic Centre
350.00 BDT
International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh
400.00 BDT
Labaid Diagnostic Centre (Labaid test price list in Bangladesh)
500.00 BDT
Birdem General Hospital
400.00 BDT

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