5 Best Step Stool for Seniors & Elderly | 2024

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Step stools are often overlooked yet essential household items, especially for seniors. As per the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of adults aged 65 and older is expected to nearly double from 52 million in 2018 to 95 million by 2060 [1]. With aging comes an inevitable decline in mobility and balance.

For the older population, common daily tasks such as reaching high shelves or stepping into a bathtub can become challenging. A step stool designed for seniors can significantly enhance their independence and confidence in performing such tasks. 

They provide the necessary height boost while prioritizing safety and stability. In turn, this promotes a better quality of life and reduces the dependency on others for daily activities.

However, safety is a primary concern when it comes to the use of step stools for seniors. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one out of four older people falls each year in the United States [2]. A significant number of these falls can be associated with the use of inappropriate or unsafe furniture.

Step stools, particularly for seniors, need to address this risk. They should be sturdy, reliable, and offer ample support to prevent slips and falls. Features like non-slip surfaces, solid construction, and handle grips become paramount in step stools designed for older individuals.

In this article, we will delve deeper into these concerns and explore some of the best step stools in the market designed keeping seniors in mind.

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5 Best Step Stool For Seniors And Adults

Here is a concise list of the best step stools for seniors available at the moment:

1. StrongTek One Step Stool for seniors and adults (Best For Elderly)

2. Cosco 1 Step All Steel Step Stool (Best Folding Step Stool)

3. Double Elite 3 Levels Adjustable Folding Step Stools (Best Adjustable) 

4. Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool for Children, Adults, and Seniors (Best for Handle) 

5. Rush To Sky Bamboo Toilet Stool (Best For Bathroom)

1. StrongTek One Step Stool for seniors and adults (Best For Elderly)

The StrongTek One Step Stool has earned a place on our list due to its unique blend of practicality, safety, and robust construction. 

This stool is designed to provide much-needed support for seniors and adults across various scenarios – from the bathroom and the kitchen to the bedside.

Constructed from quality hardwood, this stool ensures durability and longevity. Unlike plastic stools, the wooden structure adds a layer of sturdiness that’s often necessary for older adults. 

The stool’s highlight is its slip-resistant stepping surface, a crucial safety feature for seniors. The top of the stool is designed with a non-slip surface that reduces the risk of accidents, ensuring a secure foothold, whether you’re stepping out of the shower or reaching for items in the kitchen.


  • Versatile use – bathroom, bedside, kitchen.
  • Safe and durable hardwood construction.
  • Slip-resistant stepping surface.
  • Suitable for kids and seniors alike.


  • The one-step model may limit reach.
  • Hardwood construction may reduce portability compared to plastic alternatives.

2. Cosco 1 Step All Steel Step Stool (Best Folding Step Stool)

The Cosco 1 Step All Steel Step Stool earns a top spot on our list of the best step stools for seniors, thanks to its design focused on stability, simplicity, and portability. 

This stool serves as an excellent aid for seniors, simplifying their daily chores in various environments, whether in the kitchen or the garage.

As the name implies, the stool is constructed entirely of steel, providing strength and durability that guarantees long-term use. 

Despite its solid construction, it remains lightweight, making it easy for seniors to move around the house. This is an essential factor considering the physical limitations many older adults face.

A noteworthy feature of this stool is its folding design. When not in use, it folds flat, making it easy to store away. This feature makes it one of the best folding step stools for seniors, perfect for homes with limited space.

Cosco 1 Step All Steel Step Stool
Cosco 1 Step All Steel Step Stool (Photo by Target)


  • Lightweight and durable steel construction.
  • Folding design for easy storage.
  • Non-slip stepping surface for safety.
  • High weight capacity.


  • The one-step model limits reach.
  • Steel design may not suit all home decor.

3. Double Elite 3 Levels Adjustable Folding Step Stools (Best Adjustable)

The Double Elite 3 Levels Adjustable Folding Step Stool is a standout product in our list of best step stools for the elderly, largely due to its unique adjustability feature. This multifunctional and safer stool offers versatility, combining safety and ease of use.

One of the distinguishing features of this stool is its three-level adjustability. This means it can be tailored to suit the specific needs of each user, making it ideal for seniors with varying heights or mobility levels. 

From reaching high shelves in the kitchen to getting in and out of bathtubs, the stool provides ample support.

The stool also folds flat for easy storage, making it a convenient option for homes with limited space. Its folding design enhances its multi-use appeal, allowing for quick setup and takedown.


  • Durable alloy steel construction.
  • Three levels of adjustability for user convenience.
  • The folding design allows for easy storage and portability.
  • Versatile and safe for multiple uses.


  • Adjusting the height levels can be complex for seniors.
  • Alloy steel might not be as lightweight as other materials.

4. Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool for Children, Adults and Seniors (Best for Handle) 

The Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool stands out in the market for step stools for adults. It is a versatile stool that is well-suited for everyone – children, adults, and seniors alike, ensuring accessibility and safety in various situations.

Constructed from heavy-duty steel, this stool boasts durability and reliability. It is designed to be rust-resistant, adding to its longevity, and making it a worthwhile investment for any household.

The stool features a handle, providing extra support when stepping onto and off the stool. This can be particularly beneficial for seniors who might need additional balance assistance. 

The stool’s platform also has an anti-skid rubber surface, ensuring a secure and stable footing, and reducing the risk of slips or falls.


  • Durable and rust-resistant steel construction.
  • The handle provides additional support.
  • Anti-skid rubber platform ensures secure footing.
  • Suitable for children, adults, and seniors.


  • The one-step model may limit reach.
  • Steel construction may make it heavier than other models.

5. Rush To Sky Bamboo Toilet Stool (Best For Bathroom)

The Rush To Sky Bamboo Toilet Stool is an excellent choice when it comes to the best step stools for seniors, especially for bathroom use. 

This unique stool’s design enhances comfort and safety, addressing the particular needs of seniors in the most private area of the home.

Made from bamboo wood, the stool is durable and attractive with its natural color, fitting seamlessly into any bathroom decor. Its waterproof quality is ideal for bathroom environments, ensuring the stool remains in good condition even when exposed to moisture.

The non-slip design is another prominent feature that makes this stool safe for seniors. It reduces the risk of slips and falls, a common concern in bathrooms. 

The compact, one-step design also makes it a practical solution for small bathrooms or for users who don’t need a significant height boost.

Rush To Sky Bamboo Toilet Stool
Rush To Sky Bamboo Toilet Stool (Photo by Walmart)


  • Waterproof and durable bamboo construction.
  • Non-slip design for safety.
  • Natural color blends with any decor.
  • Compact and ideal for small bathrooms.


  • Limited use outside the bathroom.
  • Bamboo may not support very heavy weights.
  • A one-step design may not be suitable for all seniors.

What to Look for a Step Stool for Seniors?

Here are a few crucial features you need to consider when purchasing a step stool for older adults, seniors, or the elderly.

Safety features:

The safety of the user should be the foremost consideration when choosing a step stool for seniors. Non-slip surfaces are a must to prevent slipping, a feature found in both the StrongTek One Step Stool and the Cosco 1 Step All Steel Step Stool

Sturdy construction ensures the stool can safely support the user’s weight. The Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool excels in this, being constructed of heavy-duty steel. 

Handle grips, such as those found in the Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool, can provide additional stability and balance.

Appropriate height and width

The step stool should be of an appropriate height for the user’s needs. Too high, and it could cause balance issues; too low, and it may not provide the necessary reach. 

The Double Elite 3 Levels Adjustable Folding Step Stool offers three levels of adjustability, allowing it to be tailored to suit individual needs. 

The width of the stool is also essential to provide a secure and comfortable base.

Weight limit considerations

Understanding the weight limit of the stool is essential to ensure safety. While most of the stools we’ve reviewed do not explicitly state their weight limit, they are made from robust materials like steel or hardwood, suggesting a decent weight capacity.

Ease of storage and portability

Portability is a significant factor, especially for seniors who might need to move the stool around the house. Lightweight and portable options like the Cosco 1 Step All Steel Step Stool and the Double Elite 3 Levels Adjustable Folding Step Stool can be highly beneficial. 

Consideration should also be given to how easily the stool can be stored when not in use, for which a foldable design, like that of the Double Elite stool, can be advantageous.

Additional features:

Additional features can increase the step stool’s utility. Foldable designs, like the ones found in the Cosco 1 Step All Steel Step Stool and the Double Elite 3 Levels Adjustable Folding Step Stool, offer excellent convenience in terms of storage. 

Handrails, like the one found in the Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool, can provide added safety for seniors.

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Long Story Short

Based on our analysis, the Double Elite 3 Levels Adjustable Folding Step Stool stands out as the most versatile and adaptable choice. It offers three levels of adjustability to cater to a variety of user needs and situations. 

Made from durable alloy steel, it combines strength and stability, and its foldable design makes it convenient for storage and portability.

However, all the stools we reviewed offer unique features, and the best choice largely depends on the specific needs and preferences of the senior user.

We encourage seniors and their caregivers to prioritize safety and comfort when choosing a step stool.

Frequently Asked Questions About Step Stools for Seniors

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Yes, step stools are safe for seniors to use, as long as they are designed with safety features like non-slip surfaces, wide steps, sturdy materials, and handrails. Always ensure the stool is on a flat and stable surface before use.

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