Best Protein Drinks for Seniors: The Top 9 RANKED!

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The importance of protein for seniors cannot be overstated. Protein is a critical nutrient necessary for maintaining muscle mass, promoting wound healing, and supporting a robust immune system. 

It’s particularly crucial for seniors, as age-related muscle loss, also known as sarcopenia, can begin as early as the age of 50, with studies showing a decline of about 1-2% muscle mass per year [1].

Further, a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging suggested that up to 46% of adults over the age of 70 may not consume enough protein [2].

Addressing these protein deficiencies is paramount for seniors’ overall health and vitality. Adequate protein intake can help counteract muscle loss, support immune function, and aid in recovery from illness or injury. 

Consequently, it can significantly contribute to the quality of life for seniors and prolong their ability to live independently. In addition to maintaining physical health, sufficient protein intake can support cognitive health, with studies demonstrating a potential link between protein intake and preserved cognitive function in older adults [3].

Protein drinks have gained popularity as a convenient and effective way to supplement protein intake, particularly for seniors who may have unique dietary needs and challenges. 

In this article, we will explore the best protein drinks for seniors, highlighting their benefits, considerations, and potential impact on health and vitality.

9 Best Protein Drinks For Seniors: Top Pics 2024

Here is a short list of the 9 best protein drinks for elderly in 2024.

1. BOOST Glucose Control Max 30g Protein Nutritional Drink (Best Overall)

2. Designer Wellness, Designer Whey, Natural Protein Powder (Best Taste)

3. Orgain Vegan Protein Shakes (Best Vegan)

4. Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake (Best Plant-Based Protein)

5. Premier Protein Shake 30g Protein (Best high protein drinks for seniors)

6. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder (Best For Diabetics)  

7. Body Fortress Ready to Drink Protein Shake (Best Low Sugar)

8. PlantFusion Complete Vegan Protein Powder (Best Non Dairy Protein Drink) 

9. Fairlife Core Power 26g Protein Milk Shakes (Best For Meal Replacement)

1. BOOST Glucose Control Max 30g Protein Nutritional Drink

This nutritional drink stands as a strong contender in our list of the best protein drinks for seniors. With 30g of high-quality protein per serving, it provides a significant boost for those looking to enhance their protein intake.

Additionally, it’s designed to manage carb intake and helps manage blood sugar, making it a particularly good choice for seniors with diabetes or those keen on controlling their carbohydrate consumption.

BOOST Glucose Control Max does not contain any artificial colors, further cementing its position as a healthy option. 

As part of its commitment to offering the best overall drink for seniors, it incorporates 25 vitamins and minerals to supplement a balanced diet.


  • With 30g of protein per serving, it can significantly aid in maintaining muscle mass and overall health.
  • It’s specifically designed to have a balanced macronutrient ratio, assisting seniors in managing their carb intake.
  • This product is suitable for seniors with diabetes or those aiming to maintain stable blood sugar levels.
  • Prioritizing natural ingredients, it doesn’t include any artificial colors.


  • Some users have reported that the taste is not as appealing as other protein drinks on the market.
  • Compared to other options, it’s slightly more expensive, which could be a deciding factor for some buyers.

2. Designer Wellness, Designer Whey, Natural Protein Powder

The Designer Wellness Designer Whey Natural Protein Powder is another excellent choice for seniors looking for high-quality protein drinks. 

This powder, renowned for its delicious taste, delivers a pleasing flavor without compromising nutritional value. 

It contains only 110 calories per serving, making it an excellent option for those managing their calorie intake.

What sets this protein powder apart is its rich content of essential nutrients, including calcium, Vitamin D, and phosphorus – all crucial for bone health in seniors. 

Plus, it’s complete with essential amino acids, providing comprehensive nutritional support.


  • Renowned for its palatability, it’s an excellent choice for seniors who value flavor.
  • At just 110 calories per serving, it helps seniors manage their daily caloric intake.
  • It’s fortified with calcium, Vitamin D, and phosphorus, key for bone health in seniors.
  • The protein powder includes all the essential amino acids necessary for overall health.


  • Some customers have reported that the powder does not mix well and can be clumpy.
  • Despite its pleasant taste, some find it overly sweet, which may not suit everyone.

3. Orgain Vegan Protein Shakes

For seniors looking for plant-based alternatives, Orgain Vegan Protein Shakes stand out as one of the best protein drinks. 

These shakes are fully vegan, containing plant-based protein derived from sources like peas and brown rice.

Despite being vegan, these shakes don’t compromise on taste – they have received rave reviews for their pleasing flavor profile.

Another noteworthy feature is that these shakes have no added sugar, which is advantageous for seniors looking to reduce their sugar intake or manage their blood sugar levels.


  • This drink is an excellent vegan option, providing high-quality plant-based protein.
  • Despite being vegan, it has a delicious taste that has been highly rated by users.
  • It sources its protein from plants like peas and brown rice, offering a great alternative to animal-based protein.
  • It’s a good choice for seniors who want to limit their sugar intake.


  • Some users find the texture slightly grainy compared to non-vegan protein shakes.
  • The flavor options are fewer compared to other protein shakes on the market.
  • It’s somewhat pricier than its non-vegan counterparts, which could be a consideration for some.

4. Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake

For seniors seeking a plant-based protein drink that’s free from gluten, soy, and dairy, the Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake is an excellent choice. 

Packed with vital nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamin B12, and zinc, it provides comprehensive nutritional support.

One of its standout features is the high fiber content. With 10 grams of fiber per serving, it can significantly contribute to digestive health. 

Also, it’s free from artificial sweeteners, making it a natural and healthful choice for seniors.


  • It’s a good source of crucial nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamin B12, and zinc.
  • With 10 grams of fiber per serving, it supports digestive health.
  • Being gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free, it caters to various dietary restrictions.
  • It’s a healthier choice for seniors, as it does not contain artificial sweeteners.


  • Despite being nutritionally sound, some users find the taste less appealing than other options.
  • It’s more expensive than some other protein drinks available on the market.

5. Premier Protein Shake 30g Protein

As one of the best-selling protein drinks on the market, the Premier Protein Shake certainly deserves a spot on our list. 

Each serving provides 30 grams of protein, helping seniors meet their increased protein needs. Also, it’s fortified with a broad range of vitamins and minerals, contributing to overall nutritional balance.

With only 1 gram of sugar, 5 grams of carbs, and 160 calories per serving, this shake is ideal for seniors watching their sugar and caloric intake. 

It’s also gluten-free, keto, bariatric-friendly, and kosher, making it suitable for a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions.


  • It’s a highly popular and trusted option among protein drinks.
  • It contains a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals to support overall health.
  • With just 1g of sugar, 5g of carbs, and 160 calories, it’s excellent for seniors managing their dietary intake.
  • It caters to a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions, being gluten-free, keto-friendly, bariatric-friendly, and kosher.


  • While many enjoy the taste, some users find it overly sweet.
  • Despite the low sugar content, it contains artificial sweeteners, which some seniors may want to avoid.

6. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder

For those seeking diabetic-friendly protein drinks, Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder is a top choice. Containing 20g of collagen peptides per serving, it’s enriched with 100% daily value of vitamin C and 80 mg of hyaluronic acid, promoting skin hydration and joint mobility.

Derived from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine, this powder guarantees swift digestion and absorption. Its versatility with both hot and cold liquids, coupled with no added sugars, positions it as a premier choice for diabetic protein shakes. Furthermore, its Paleo-friendly, Whole30-approved, gluten-free, and dairy-free credentials underscore its dedication to health and wellness.

It’s worth noting that diabetics typically need the same protein amount as non-diabetics. However, higher protein intake can support improved blood sugar management by counterbalancing carbohydrate consumption.

The U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend 10-35% of calories from protein. For those with diabetes and healthy kidneys, many dietitians suggest aiming for 30-35%. This equates to about 120-180g of protein daily, varying by individual needs. For tailored advice, consult a registered dietitian.


  • Contains functional ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.
  • Bioavailable collagen sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine.
  • Easily dissolve in hot or cold beverages.
  • No added sugars, making it a suitable protein shake for diabetics.


  • Unflavored, which might not appeal to everyone.
  • Though beneficial for many, those with specific allergies or dietary preferences should consult the ingredient list carefully.

7. Body Fortress Ready to Drink Protein Shake 

For diabetics seeking low-sugar beverages, the Body Fortress Ready to Drink Protein Shake is a noteworthy choice. Crafted for those on ketogenic diets or with gluten sensitivities, this shake delivers an impressive 40g of protein in only 11 fluid ounces, ideal for seniors emphasizing muscle recovery. Research supports that higher protein consumption aids in muscle restoration, a vital consideration with aging.

The Body Fortress shake not only provides quantity but also emphasizes quality, utilizing a blend of milk protein isolates and milk casein, contributing 6g of BCAAs. Its creamy consistency and rich chocolate flavor, with under 1g of sugar, rank it among the premier low-sugar protein options for seniors.

For seniors, maintaining muscle mass and recovery becomes paramount. The added challenge for diabetics is to find low-sugar solutions. This shake addresses both concerns effectively.

With its robust protein profile and minimal sugar content, it’s a prime choice for the elderly who prioritize health and palatability. Always seek advice from a healthcare expert before integrating any supplement into your routine.


  • High protein content: 40g in 11 fluid ounces.
  • Contains essential BCAAs for muscle recovery and strength.
  • Suitable for ketogenic diets and gluten-free requirements.
  • Tasty chocolate flavor with less than 1g sugar, ideal for diabetics and the elderly.


  • Contains both natural and artificial flavors.
  • Some consumers might be sensitive to certain ingredients, like sucralose.
  • Not suitable for individuals with galactosemia.

8. PlantFusion Complete Vegan Protein Powder 

In pursuit of a premier non-dairy protein drink? PlantFusion’s Complete Vegan Protein Powder is a noteworthy contender. This unique formula combines five diverse plant proteins, summing up to 21g per serving. With added BCAAs, glutamine, and digestive enzymes, it promotes muscle recovery and ensures digestibility without any chalky residue.

Its standout feature, the “Flavor Pure” blend, guarantees a superior taste derived from natural ingredients, including monk fruit and yacon root. As a leader in plant-based nutrition, PlantFusion assures both purity and taste, devoid of unnecessary fillers or synthetic additives.

For those transitioning to plant-based and non-dairy proteins, PlantFusion offers an exemplary blend of quality and flavor. Before adopting any new supplement, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare expert and review the product details.


  • Comprehensive blend of plant proteins, BCAAs, and digestive enzymes.
  • Unique “Flavor Pure” blend for superior taste without artificial sweeteners.
  • Free from dairy, gluten, soy, and GMOs, with no artificial ingredients.
  • Versatile use: perfect for shakes, smoothies, and even baking.


  • Might require adaptation for those used to whey or other animal-based proteins.
  • The ingredient list might seem extensive for those seeking minimal ingredients.

9. Fairlife Core Power 26g Protein Milk Shakes 

Looking for the best meal replacement shakes or protein drinks tailored for seniors? Fairlife Core Power Protein Milk Shakes could be your answer. Designed for post-workout recovery, they contain 26g of high-quality protein from ultra-filtered milk, promoting muscle repair and maintenance.

Moreover, these shakes provide all 9 essential amino acids, bolstered with calcium, vitamin D, and vital electrolytes. Available in rich chocolate or creamy vanilla flavors, these lactose-free drinks combine nutrition with taste, ensuring seniors receive their protein in an enjoyable way.

For those seniors needing a robust protein source, Fairlife Core Power 26g Protein Milk Shakes stand out. Their blend of top-tier protein, amino acids, and other essential nutrients ranks them among the premier meal replacement options. Always consult a healthcare professional before adding new supplements to one’s regimen.


  • Provides 26g of high-quality protein, perfect for muscle repair.
  • Contains all 9 essential amino acids and other vital nutrients like calcium and vitamin D.
  • Lactose-free, making it easily digestible for those with lactose intolerance.
  • Convenient ready-to-drink bottle; no need for mixing or preparation.


  • Contains carrageenan, which some users might prefer to avoid.
  • Labeling is based on US standards, which might differ for international users.

Comparison Table Of Best Protein Drinks For Seniors/Elderly

Now that we know the best protein drink for seniors, let’s compare the protein drinks for seniors that we’ve discussed in this article.

Product Name
Key Features
Protein Content
Best For
BOOST Glucose Control Max 30g Protein Nutritional Drink
– Manages carb intake and blood sugar
– No artificial colors
30g per serving
Best Overall
Designer Wellness, Designer Whey, Natural Protein Powder
– Renowned for its palatability
– 110 calories per serving
– Rich in calcium, Vitamin D, and phosphorus
Varies by serving size
Best Taste
Orgain Vegan Protein Shakes
– Vegan, plant-based protein
– Highly rated for taste
– No added sugar
Varies by serving size
Best Vegan
Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake
– Good source of calcium, iron, vitamin B12, and zinc
– 10 grams of fiber
– Gluten-free, soy-free, dairy free
Varies by serving size
Best Plant-Based Protein
Premier Protein Shake 30g Protein
– Good source of calcium, iron, vitamin B12, and zinc
– 10 grams of fiber
– Gluten-free, soy-free, dairy free
30g per serving
Bestseller Protein Drinks
Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder
– Enriched with 100% daily value vitamin C and 80 mg hyaluronic acid.
– Supports natural collagen production and skin hydration.
– Suitable for coffee, tea, and smoothies.
20g per serving
Best For Diabetics
Body Fortress Ready to Drink Protein Shake
– 40g of protein in 11 fluid ounces, including 6g BCAAs.
– 33% more protein per fluid ounce than the leading brands (2).
– 180 Calories & less than 1g Sugar
40g of Protein
Best Low Sugar
PlantFusion Complete Vegan Protein Powder
– No fillers like acacia fiber and rice dextrin
– Established as a plant-based supplement pioneer over a decade ago
– Contains digestive enzymes to prevent gas or bloating
21g of plant-based Protein
Best Non Dairy Protein Drink
Fairlife Core Power 26g Protein Milk Shakes
– Contains 26g of high-quality protein.
– Provides all 9 essential amino acids.
– Enriched with calcium, vitamin D, and electrolytes.
26g of Protein
Best For Meal Replacement
Comparison Table Of Best Protein Drinks For Seniors

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Benefits of Incorporating Protein Drinks

Discover the key benefits of good nutrition for seniors.

Improved Muscle

The potential health benefits of incorporating protein drinks into a senior’s diet are vast. Improved muscle mass is a significant benefit, as studies have shown that protein supplementation can reduce muscle loss in older adults by up to 40% [4].

Energy levels can also increase as protein helps maintain balanced blood sugar levels, leading to sustained energy throughout the day. 

Additionally, enhanced recovery from illnesses or surgeries is another crucial benefit, with research demonstrating that seniors who consumed high-protein diets had a 28% higher chance of recovering from illnesses or surgeries within 90 days [5].

Essential Nutrient

Protein drinks also play a role in providing a convenient and consistent source of protein. Preparing balanced meals can be challenging, especially for seniors living alone or those with reduced appetite. 

A survey showed that 51% of seniors regularly skipped meals due to various reasons, including lack of appetite and difficulty cooking [6]. In such cases, protein drinks offer a quick, simple solution to ensure a steady intake of this essential nutrient.

Balanced Diet

It’s crucial, however, to understand that protein drinks are meant to supplement a balanced diet, not replace meals. They can help fill nutritional gaps and enhance protein intake, but they can’t provide all the varied nutrients that come from a diverse diet of whole foods. 

While protein drinks can aid in reaching the recommended daily protein goals, they should ideally be part of a diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats.

Do Older Adults Really Need More Protein? New Scientific Studies

What Should You Look for When Choosing the Best Protein Drinks for Seniors?

Consider these key factors when purchasing the best protein drink for elderly individuals.

Nutritional Needs

When choosing a protein drink for seniors, it’s essential to consider their unique nutritional needs. High-quality protein is paramount, but it should also be balanced with other nutritional elements. 

For instance, fiber is necessary to support digestive health, while vitamins and minerals contribute to overall wellness. 

For example, Vitamin D and calcium are important for bone health, and B vitamins help maintain energy levels. A well-formulated protein drink should aim to meet these nutritional needs.


Digestibility is another key factor to take into account. As we age, our bodies may struggle to digest certain protein sources as efficiently as before. 

Protein drinks containing easily digestible proteins, such as whey or plant-based proteins like pea and rice protein, can be more comfortable for seniors to consume and ensure that they’re absorbing the maximum amount of protein.


Taste and flavor preferences play a significant role in maintaining consistent protein intake. If a protein drink is unpalatable, seniors are less likely to consume it regularly, negating its benefits.

It’s worthwhile to explore various flavors and brands to find options that the senior enjoys.

Specific Dietary Restrictions

Lastly, consider any specific dietary restrictions or health conditions. For seniors with diabetes, for example, protein drinks with no added sugars are vital.

Individuals with kidney disease might need to monitor their protein intake and choose a drink with appropriate protein levels. 

Similarly, seniors with lactose intolerance or a vegan lifestyle will need to opt for plant-based protein drinks. 

Always consult a healthcare professional to ensure that the protein drink is suitable for the individual’s specific needs and conditions.

Long Story Short

As we’ve explored throughout this article, protein plays a pivotal role in seniors’ health, contributing to muscle maintenance, healing, and immune function. 

Protein drinks can serve as a convenient and effective way to ensure seniors are meeting their increased protein needs, potentially offering benefits such as improved muscle mass, increased energy levels, and enhanced recovery from illnesses or surgeries.

Choosing the best protein drink for seniors involves considering factors like the quality of protein, other nutritional content, digestibility, taste, and any specific dietary restrictions or health conditions. 

From the best overall options like BOOST Glucose Control Max and Premier Protein Shake to the best-tasting Designer Whey and the best vegan choices like Orgain and Evolve, there are protein drinks to suit a variety of preferences and needs.

However, it’s important to remember that each senior’s needs are unique. Therefore, we strongly encourage seniors and caregivers to consult with a healthcare provider or a nutritionist to make the most informed choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Protein Drinks For Seniors

Are protein drinks safe for seniors?

Yes, protein drinks are generally safe for seniors, provided they have no allergies or intolerances to the ingredients in the drink. 

It’s always recommended to consult with a healthcare provider or dietitian to ensure that a protein supplement fits within a balanced diet and doesn’t interact with any medications.

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