Anti Slip Bath Mats vs Anti Slip Bath Stickers | 2024

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When it comes to bathroom safety, the risk of slipping and falling should not be underestimated. Whether you’re young or old, everyone could be a victim of bathroom accidents.

However, the risk is significantly higher among the elderly. This brings us to a critical discussion point on the ways to enhance bathroom safety, especially focusing on two products: Anti Slip Bath Mats and Anti Slip Bath Stickers.

As we age, simple tasks like taking a bath can become more challenging and hazardous due to reduced balance, weaker muscles, and slower reflexes. 

In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adults. A significant number of these falls occur in the bathroom, a space notorious for its slippery surfaces. 

Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize bathroom safety for the elderly, exploring options that can minimize the risk of accidents.

Anti Slip Bath Mats and Anti Slip Bath Stickers are two common products designed to provide a safer bathing experience. Both have their unique advantages and drawbacks, but their primary function remains the same – to prevent slips and falls. 

As we delve into this topic, we will discuss these products in detail, weigh their pros and cons, and help you make an informed decision on what might be the best choice for ensuring the safety of our elderly loved ones in the bathroom.

What is an Anti Slip Bath Mat?

An Anti Slip Bath Mat, as the name suggests, is a mat designed specifically to prevent slipping in the bath or shower. It is placed on the floor of the bath or shower area to provide a slip-resistant surface, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and falls.

Anti Slip Bath Mats are commonly made of materials that possess inherent non-slip properties and can withstand the wet and humid conditions of a bathroom. Rubber, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are some of the most commonly used materials. These materials not only offer good grip and stability, but they are also easy to clean and maintain, which makes them ideal for use in a bathroom setting.

Anti Slip Bath Mats come in various shapes, sizes, and designs to cater to different needs and aesthetic preferences. There are long mats designed to cover the entire length of a tub, square or rectangular mats for standing showers, and even cute character designs for children’s bathrooms. 

Some mats come with additional features like massage nodules for foot comfort, or indicators that change color when the water is too hot.

Anti Slip Bath Mats work by increasing the friction between your feet and the bathtub or shower floor. The top surface of the mat typically has a textured pattern for grip, while the underside features suction cups that adhere strongly to the smooth surface of the tub or shower. 

This dual-action design ensures the mat stays in place while providing a secure and stable surface for you to stand or sit on, significantly reducing the risk of slipping in the slippery, soapy conditions of a bath or shower.

Anti Slip Bath Mats
Anti Slip Bath Mats | Photo: Canva

What is an Anti Slip Bath Sticker?

An Anti Slip Bath Sticker is a self-adhesive, slip-resistant decal that can be directly applied to the surface of a bathtub or shower. These stickers provide extra grip in the bathing area, helping to reduce the likelihood of accidental slips and falls.

Anti Slip Bath Stickers are commonly made of materials like vinyl, rubber, or PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate). They are designed to be water-resistant, durable, and capable of withstanding the humid environment of the bathroom. The adhesive used on these stickers is also special, meant to bond strongly with the smooth surfaces of bathtubs and showers without peeling off easily.

Bath stickers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. They range from simple round or square shapes to fun and colorful shapes like footprints, animals, or sea creatures, which can be particularly appealing to children. Some stickers are clear or semi-transparent, blending in with the tub or shower surface, while others can be more vibrant and decorative.

Anti Slip Bath Stickers work by increasing the traction on the surface of a bathtub or shower. Once applied, the textured surface of the sticker provides additional grip underfoot, helping to prevent slips

The stickers are strategically placed throughout the bathtub or shower floor, ensuring there is always a non-slip surface within reach. Unlike bath mats, these stickers are permanently affixed to the surface, ensuring they do not move or shift during use. This makes them a reliable and low-profile option for enhancing safety in the bathroom.

Anti Slip Bath Mats vs. Anti Slip Bath Stickers: Key Differences 

Here are the key differences between Non-Slip Bath Mats and Non-Slip Bath Stickers.


Anti Slip Bath Mats, while available in various shapes and sizes, are generally more limited in their adaptability due to their larger size and shape.

On the other hand, Anti Slip Bath Stickers are highly versatile. They can be placed in any arrangement, making them suitable for bathtubs or showers of any shape or size, including those with non-standard designs.

Mold Resistance

Mold growth is more of an issue with Anti Slip Bath Mats. They require regular cleaning and drying to prevent mold and mildew, especially in the areas around the suction cups. 

Anti Slip Bath Stickers, being smaller and directly attached to the surface, have less tendency to harbor mold and are generally more resistant to it.


The size and fitting of Anti Slip Bath Mats are generally standard and designed to fit most conventional bathtubs or showers. This can be a problem in non-standard tubs or showers. 

Conversely, Anti Slip Bath Stickers can be arranged to fit any surface area, providing a customizable non-slip solution.


Anti-slip bath mats are available in various standard designs and colors, adding a homely touch to your bathroom.

On the other hand, anti-slip bath stickers offer personalization with options like transparency, semi-transparency, colors, and different shapes.

They can seamlessly blend into the bathroom decor or add a fun element, perfect for children’s bathrooms.

Slip Resistance

Both products provide good slip resistance, but the overall coverage differs. A Bath Mat provides a uniform non-slip surface across the entire mat area. 

Bath Stickers offer localized grip points, which can be just as effective but cover less overall surface area.

Usage (Indoor/Outdoor)

Primarily, both Anti Slip Bath Mats and Stickers are designed for indoor use in bathrooms. However, Bath Mats can also be useful outdoors, like around pools or other wet areas, due to their size and ease of placement and removal. 

In contrast, Bath Stickers, due to their adhesive nature, are less suited to outdoor use where they may be exposed to elements like dirt and sunlight that could reduce their effectiveness and lifespan.

Anti Slip Bath Stickers
Anti Slip Bath Stickers | Photo: Walmart

Which is Right for Seniors?

When deciding between Anti Slip Bath Mats and Bath Stickers for seniors, it’s crucial to consider their specific needs and preferences. 

Some seniors might prefer the comfort and larger surface coverage of a bath mat, while others might prefer the lower-profile, less obtrusive bath stickers. 

Consideration should also be given to their mobility, balance, and the general state of their health. Any pre-existing conditions, such as arthritis or vision problems, may also influence the choice.

Pros and Cons of Bath Mats for Seniors


  • Bath mats provide a large, continuous non-slip surface, reducing the chance of slipping.
  • They offer more cushioning, which can be comfortable for seniors who might like to sit during their shower.
  • The texture and color of bath mats can be helpful for those with visual impairments.


  • Bath mats need to be removed and cleaned regularly to avoid the build-up of mold and mildew, which can be a demanding task for seniors.
  • If not properly secured, mats can shift during use, which could potentially cause a fall.
  • Larger mats might be difficult for some seniors to place and remove.

Pros and Cons of Bath Stickers for Seniors


  • Bath stickers offer a permanent non-slip solution, eliminating the need for daily placement and removal.
  • They require less maintenance compared to bath mats.
  • The low-profile nature of bath stickers makes them less of a tripping hazard.


  • Bath stickers provide less cushioning compared to bath mats, which may be uncomfortable for some seniors.
  • The coverage of non-slip surface area depends on the number and placement of the stickers, which might not be as comprehensive as a mat.
  • Depending on the design and color, stickers might not be as visible to seniors with visual impairments.


Bathroom safety is of paramount importance, especially for the elderly, and products like Anti Slip Bath Mats and Anti Slip Bath Stickers play a crucial role in ensuring this. 

When choosing between an Anti Slip Bath Mat and Anti Slip Bath Stickers for the elderly, consider their individual needs, comfort, and the level of maintenance they can manage. 

A comprehensive understanding of these factors will help you make a choice that combines both safety and convenience. 

While Anti Slip Bath Mats might be a good choice for those who prefer a more cushioned and large non-slip surface, Anti Slip Bath Stickers might suit those who need a lower maintenance and more discreet safety solution.

Regardless of the choice between Anti Slip Bath Mats and Anti Slip Bath Stickers, it’s vital to remember that these aids are just one aspect of bathroom safety

Other precautions such as grab bars, shower seats, and good lighting should also be considered to create a comprehensive safety plan for the bathroom. 

FAQ On Anti Slip Bath Mats vs. Anti Slip Bath Stickers

Which should you choose for the Elderly?

The choice between an Anti Slip Bath Mat and Anti Slip Bath Stickers depends on the individual needs of the elderly person. If they prefer more cushioning and a large non-slip surface, a bath mat might be a better option. However, if they prefer a less obtrusive, lower maintenance option, bath stickers might be the better choice.

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